Yayyy foodie penpals reveal day is finally here!!

Sadly I can’t find the lead to upload my pics from my camera to the laptop so cannot show you the picture I took! 😦 As soon as I find that darn lead I will upload a couple of pictures. Foodie penpals is a scheme where each month you get paired up with someone in the UK/Europe and  you email them to find out what they like etc, then send them a food parcel and you get sent one by someone else from the UK/Europe if you want to know more head on over to http://thisisrocksalt.com/ and take a look. I’d like to say thank you to Vincente over at  http://vittlemonster.com/ for pointing me in the right direction for the UK version of foodie penpals!!  Let me say a huge thank you to Anna over at www.manchesterfoodies.blogspot.com for my parcel I was very excited as this was my first time doing this exchange, Anna picked out everything I would have picked for my self in fact I don’t have much left from it already!! So what did I receive I hear you asking? Well the first thing I saw when I opened it was a packet of red and white Quinoa. Now I had never tried quinoa before but kept meaning to, I can honestly say I loved it I used it to stuff a pepper with some mushrooms and extra light philly, and I used it for lunch I added some smoked sausage, mushrooms, onions and left over arabbiatta sauce. In the packet also was an eat natural cranberry, macadamia and dark chocolate bar  this I woffed down as a treat that day.. Pretty much as soon as I opened the packet, I love treats like this. I also had 3 packs of fruit pieces in yoghurt coating, like fruit flakes but a different brand, verrryyy yummy, 3 different highlights sachets, one was cadbury fudge,one cadbury caramel and the other was dairymilk.. honestly it’s like I could’ve packed the parcel myself lol! Anna sent a  really nice postcard explaining some of the bits that she sent.. Like the 3 packs of oaty biscuits these are yummy and great for after a swim or workout! Another of my favourites in this parcel was the Green and Blacks butterscotch mini bar 😉 Definitely went down a treat, Last but absolutely not least is the little pot of smoked sea salt!!! This is amazing and honestly it’s like Anna read my mind because I saw this posted on another blog and thought wow that sounds incredible, and then amazingly this tub arrive din my foodie penpal parcel 😀 I have to admit I have used half the tub already and could if I’m honest eat it straight out the tub.. I absolutely adore smoked foods!! So thank you once again Anna! I am really looking forward to next month now. 

I sent a parcel to Tamzin over at http://www.saladandsequins.com/ I hope she liked it, Head on over there to check out what I sent her! 

Much Love Gems 😀 

Oh dear I may look like miss piggy after tonight!

So  this week I stayed the same as I predicted, Well this next week I will have a loss! I am using all my weeklies today, get them gone out the way won’t be tempted later in the week then. We are off out for Indian tonight and I am so looking forward to it as we haven’t been out to dinner in quite a while! I went to the food festival down the road today and there were soooo many lovely foods and smells all around me, it was very tempting.. However I had a pint of pink battle Sussex cider and some lunch then came home to crack on with this strawberry cheesecake  I said I was going to make.. Well it’s all gone wrong, the base is more gloopy, rather than crunchy think I put too much water in, and the filling well,  DO NOT buy strawberry flavouring!! It tastes nothing like strawberries at all, I was hoping to save some time but now I wish I had gone with my instinct and made it with fresh strawberry sauce instead, Luckily I had some frozen strawberries so I have quickly defrosted them in the microwave and blended them into a sauce to mix in to it, seems okay, tastes a bit better although I’m not totally sure it’s going to set properly now as the topping was runnier than I intended it to be.. Who know’s I will let you know tomorrow after I have let it set over night, I will give you the recipe another time once I have done it properly! 

So my menu today was: 

Breakfast: 1 weight watchers tortilla 3pp, spread with 15g whole earth natural peanut butter 2pp, 1 Sliced banana 0pp and 5g Dark chocolate drops 1pp.

Lunch: Chicken and noodles with a chicken satay and peanut sauce (I have estimated 17pp probably less but hey that’s the weeklies I had left after dinner tonight so may as well get em gone)

Dinner: Going out for Indian so I’m having Chicken Tikka  dry 8 pieces 14pp, Sag panner is spinach and paneer cheese I have estimated at 14pp for this I think this is being generous too as it is mostly spinach but it will have some oil in it and panner isn’t the lowest of pointed cheese lol. Plus 2 poppadums 8pp.

Snacks: None today, Although I have had a couple of pints of cider 16pp 😉 

Total used 75/26.. All 49 weeklies used!  :O 

Right I’m off as Chris will be here soon and we be off then! Much love Gems 😀