Weigh in tomorrow!

Hello all, I’ve had a great week on track, scales are being kind to me so far even after going out to Chinese for dinner last night!! 😉 I had

This for dinner the other day and it was totally scrummy.. 8pp per pack and very filling. Just a heads up waitrose you count have the pp on the back, double bonus!
I’m looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, one of my friends on Facebook has her own weight loss blog page on Facebook also it’s called Catching Stars Anyways she made a template for her weight loss and sent me a copy that I can use so you’ll see that tomorrow too. Also check out my other friends pro points blog too right here
I have cooked a few meals in my slow cooker this week as the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, in fact I have a beef casserole in there right now for dinner tonight that works out to 4pp per portion!! Yum.. Anyway I’ll be here tomorrow to let you all know how weigh in goes!

Enjoy your Sunday peeps,
Much love Gems. 😊 Xxx

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