Been struggling the last few days…

So I thought I’d drop on and let you know I have been struggling to get back on track since our weekend away.. I am looking at a big fat gain on the scales tomorrow! I have no one to blame but myself as I have just been eating crap.. Chocolate, crisps and worst of all bread!! On Wednesday I started to feel a bit better, however it took a whole big bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk golden biscuit crunch.. Let me give you the stats of this so you know just how low I went:
Calories: 1080
Protein: 13g
Carbs: 112g
Fat: 66g
Fibre: 2g
Propoints per 200g bar: 3o!!!
Yes this is how low I went, I lost control and it felt like it was a bit hopeless this week, the scales were showing +6! I don’t know what happened maybe it was that darn chocolate but I felt I needed to do something, I got up and put the wii on and did 30 mins free step and then I did 30 mins of free weights with my dumbbells. Yesterday I was showing a +5 gain.. So I ate better and went on a 3hr walk to Asda and back with 3 bags of shopping, when I got back I did another 30 mins step on the wii and this morning I was showing a 3.8 gain I have done 30 mins jogging on the wii, plus a little boxing and hula hooping..  I’m hoping I can get it back down to the 3 mark by tomorrow, Not good but still better than the plus 6 it was showing on Wednesday!! Sorry for the dribbley post but I feel you needed an explanation for my absence and I needed to write it all down and own up to myself and all of you how I felt. 
Tomorrow starts a fresh and I am going to be running my fitness pal alongside weight watchers this week as a little test.. Then for the next two weeks after that I’m going to do ww one week and mfp the other to see which suits me best. I will be here tomorrow with my daily menu and a much happier post! Much love Gems 😀 

5 thoughts on “Been struggling the last few days…

  1. I’ve missed you! Going off track is easily done, but you’ve had the kick up the bum you needed and you’ve done well the past couple of days to reduce the damage. I’m still not sure bout my fitness pal as although I don’t have more than the allotted calories or fat each day, I usually go over the protein and occasionally over the carbs each day and I’m too scared to do what you’re doing! lol

    Hope it works for you – if it does then I may just give it a go myself, but at the least I’m doing it alongside WW.

    Good luck for tomorrow 🙂

    • Aww thanks hun, just wanted to get my head back in the game before doing any writing ya know?! I have added my menu for today to ww and mfp and still have 1 dp left although have only had 1054 calories today.. I like to have at least 1200 so will be running it along side ww to see how many more dp I use to reach that goal and if having more than 1200 will help my weight loss Xx

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