Whoop here we go!

Soooo walking around with the other half today and we thought we’d go check out how much the local gym was as we haven’t been members for about a year.. By the time we had left we had signed up for a 24 month contract each and we are going to go for a little session tomorrow morning before our friends daughter’s name thanksgiving day!

Also totally rocking both of my challenges I’m doing at the moment… 

North Downs 876ft South Downs 889ft Cotswolds 1083ft Bodmin Moor 1300ft North York Moors 1490ft Brown Clee Hill 1772ft High Willhays 2037ft  Kinder Scout 2087ft Pen y Fan 2907ft Scafell Pike 3209ft Snowdon 3560ft Ben Nevis 4409ft
87ftg 89ftg 108ftg 130ftg 149ftg 177ftg 203ftg 208ftg 290ftg 320ftg 356ftg 440ftg
11/6/12-32=55ftg 13/6/12-5=84ftg 16/6/12-15=93ftg
12/6/12-30=25ftg 14/6/12-30=54ftg
13/6/12-25=0ftg 15/6/12-35=19ftg

This one I only started 5 days ago! The other one is a 7 summits of the world one and I am currently on Mount kosciuszko in Australia! This mountain is 7310 feet high which equates to 731 floors.. After 4 days.. Drum roll please……….. I am down to 572 floors to go! That’s a total of 159 floors in 4 days, Woohooo Go me! 

I feel positive that I am getting back on track and can’t wait to start swimming and hitting the gym again.. Have to say a huge thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend for paying my joining fee for me after spending over £200 on my Pandora bracelet for my birthday too!



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