Time to challenge myself!!

Right so since i got my new fit bit last week i want to challenge myself to do more activity, so i looked on the fit bit community forum to see which groups had challenges set up and i came across this one: Walk the hills and mountains of the uk. The idea of this challenge is that throughout the day my fit bit will track the amount of stairs i climb and the elevation on hills when i walk up them and tell me how many floors i have climbed at the end of the day, then i transfer this to the forum where the person running the challenge has kindly worked out how many feet are in each of these places and converted them into floors… So voila! I then update this everyday on the group page and I am also keeping a personal record of it on excel for myself to print out once I have completed it! Over the last 2 days I have taken a big chunk out of the first hill which is the North Downs.. I am challenging myself to do at least 30 floors a day!!!

I will keep you updated as we go and will also fill you in on another challenge I have started today… 7 Summits!! :O

North Downs 876ft South Downs 889ft Cotswolds 1083ft Bodmin Moor 1300ft North York Moors 1490ft Brown Clee Hill 1772ft High Willhays 2037ft Kinder Scout 2087ft Pen y Fan 2907ft Scafell Pike 3209ft Snowdon 3560ft Ben Nevis 4409ft
87ftg 89ftg 108ftg 130ftg 149ftg 177ftg 203ftg 208ftg 290ftg 320ftg 356ftg 440ftg

This is how far I have got in 2 days! Wish me luck 😀


4 thoughts on “Time to challenge myself!!

  1. OK, what is a fit bit? Is it like a pedometer? I don’t think it would be worth me getting one of those – I work behind a desk all day so I’d be lucky if I managed 10ft lol

    • It is a pedometer yes but smaller than the ww one thank god! tracks steps,distance,floors,sleep and calories etc it’s very good! take a look at http://www.fitbit.com You would be surprised how many floors you do it tracks elevation so if you walk up hills that counts too1 😀

      • It doesn’t go by your pulse it goes by how many times you wake up hun and no you have a fabric wristband it clips onto and I can’t feel it at all xx

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