I will not go back..

Fat Hamster face me!

Hamster Cheeks! Omg!

This photo was taken a few months after I started seeing my boyfriend, I never saw myself as a big woman, I mean I knew I had put on weight but never would I have believed I had let myself get this big. Things had to change, Dramatically! The very next day I signed up for weight watchers and the rest is history.. In the space of 8 months I dropped from almost 14st and a size 18, down to 10 and a half stone and a size 10!

10st 6lbs size 10

Size 10! Yayyy!

I had joined a gym and was swimming and exercising 5-6 days a week.. My life had changed! Woohoooo…

Then something happened I injured my neck and couldn’t gym or swim or anything it was hell we were just about to go on an amazing holiday too. I saw a osteopath and she helped my neck but once we came back from holiday I had lost my mojo! 😦 Since then we have had 2 amazing holidays to 4 fabulous destinations and I kind of let things go again.. I put back on 2 stone of what I lost!

Now is the time to change that I will not go back to that girl who looked like a hamster and had no self-confidence, This time is the last time I will do this journey and it will be for life!


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